Problem Solving basics

Define the problem

– What’s happened?
– What’s affected?
– What’s impact?
– Break it down to smaller segments if required.

Define goals

– What’s resources available to solve the problem?
– Impact vs resources ratio

Collect information

– What’s possible actions caused the problem? Make a list
– What’s related issues occured in the past? Have they been solved? How?
– Identify any related activities in the same timeframe
– Identified any possible third party involved in the problem and relationships
– Identify and request low level related information (e.g. System Logs, CCTV footage, Access Control System logs)


– Create timeline with all events
– Identify any unusual activity
– Search for patterns
– Is it possible to substitute the problem?

Evaluate possible solutions

– Brainstorm all ideas/solutions
– Ask advise from industry experts
– Is workaround possible or it needs complete solution?
– Costs and outcome for each option?
– Identify consequences
– Document steps for the next stage
– Create rollback plan if required

Implement solution

– Document all activities
– Confirm the outcome is satisfactory
– Execute rollback plan if solution didn’t work

After action report

– Root cause
– What action taken
– Document if mitigation is possible in the future


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